Team Members

The Georgia Department of Agriculture will collaborate with faculty and staff from the Public Performance and Management Group (PPM) at Georgia State University to carry out the 12-month project. These two organizational partners have successfully worked together since 2006 on strategic planning and capacity building activities to benefit the Georgia agricultural industry and citizens.

Mr. Matthew Kulinski

Mr. Matthew Kulinski (Director of Markets, Georgia Department of Agriculture) will serve as the FSMIP Project Director. Kulinski will have overall responsibility for grant management and project coordination with the Georgia State University research team. He will establish the Guidance Group and will serve as the project team’s liaison for accessing various stakeholders throughout the duration of the project.

Dr. Greg Streib

Dr. Greg Streib (Professor, Georgia State University) will serve as a Faculty Research Advisor for the project. He will provide technical guidance during the collection and analysis of data and will assist the project team with the development of the supply-side model. Streib will review formative and summative assessment data and provide feedback and guidance to the project team as needed.

Mr. Jack Strickland

Mr. Jack Strickland (Research Associate, Georgia State University) will implement the web-based and paper surveys, and will conduct quantitative data analysis. He will assist with scheduling interviews, Guidance Group meetings, and other meetings of stakeholders and the project team.

Mr. Yuriy Davydenko

Mr. Yuriy Davydenko (Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia State University) will create and maintain the project website. He will have primary responsibility for creating the project Info Briefs and other material and information for electronic dissemination.